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My Globetrotter Book’s adventure originated from a deep desire to show the world to my son...

My name is Marisha Wojciechowska and I am a Quebec native, author and international consultant in water resources policy. I have traveled across the globe with my family and -- so far -- we have lived in Montreal, Toronto, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Bangkok…and still counting!


I have worked as an international consultant for the United Nations, several governments, international development banks and NGOs, but it was as a mother seeking to introduce my son to the world that My Globetrotter Book sprouted and took off.

The graphic signature of these books is thanks to Angel Gyaurov, a Bulgarian graphic designer who I met in 2012 on a big project to shine a light on the management of water resources in 13 countries, through national data, for UN-Water. Since then, we have jointly produced numerous reports on water management so, naturally, it was to Angel that I turned in 2018 to help me implement my vision for My Globetrotter Book.


My son is nearly grown up, and now my intention is to inspire other kids to explore the myriad beauties and cultures of the world and, as of 2022, to "journey within" with the creation of My Bodytrotter Book.


And so, I now continue my globetrotting adventures -- this time along with you! Make sure that you take my travel activity books with you on your journey.

Photo : MarieMarine Photos

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