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Marisha Wojciechowska
Author & Publisher
My Globetrotter Book

Photo: MarieMarine Photos

Photo : MarieMarine Photos

Marisha Wojciechowska, M.Sc., is a Canadian Author, Globetrotter, and International Water Policy Consultant.


As a proud mother with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, she authors My Globetrotter Book with a vision to inspire our youth to marvel at the countless beauties of our world.

Six titles published: Bangkok, New York, Paris, Quebec & Montreal, Singapore, Tokyo. In the works: Bali. And, venturing into new territory… The City Within: Your Body Power!


Each book offers puzzles and discovery games and a Globetrotter Certificate, to explore culture and customs, history, geography, and much more. Designed for kids 6 to 12 years old.

Recipient of a Mom's Choice Award Gold Seal, and an Independent Author's Network Award. As a solo entrepreneur, she has launched her books in: France, Belgium, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, and on Amazon.


So far, she has called Montreal, Toronto, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Bangkok, home. After her B.A. at McGill University, she went on to earn two Masters degrees: Environmental Sciences from the University of Quebec in Montreal, and International Development from Tulane University. Past clients include the United Nations, the Asian Development Bank, the Government of Japan, among others; and she remains active in her field. She also serves as Advisor to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.


My Globetrotter Book has been presented on various tv, radio & print media, social media & blogs.

My Globetrotter Book and its author were honoured at the Air France Lounges at the airports in Paris, in August 2022, with Special Editions and an exclusive book signing events at the VIP lounges.

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